University of Virginia Events

November 15 at 4pm

Meredith Palmer (Cornell) and Esme Murdock (San Diego State), Black & Indigenous Feminist Futures Institute Working Group, At Bond House, Conference Rooms 116/118, Karsh Institute of Democracy, and on zoom.

November 14-18

Dr. Esme Murdock

Dr. Murdock is an assistant professor of philosophy at San Diego State University.

Her research explores the intersections of social/political relations and environmental health, integrity, and agency. Specifically, her work troubles the purported stability of dominant, largely euro-descendent, and settler-colonial philosophies through centering conceptions of land and relating to land found within African American, Afro-Diasporic, and Indigenous eco-philosophies.

Murdock is looking forward to the opportunity to work on her first project and primary focus, a forthcoming book tentatively titled, Blood, Bone, & Land: Black Environmental Identities, Heritages, and Histories in Coastal South Carolina.

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