The Intersection:  Where Black Popular Culture and Social Justice Meets (with Lisa Ferrell (CMII) and Booker Edwards (CMII)

Examining the intersection between Hip-Hop and Queer Identity

This episode begins by detailing controversial positions taken by Hip Hop artists including Da Baby and Lil Boosie and homophobic social media as well as performance made comments, while also discussing the rise of queer identified artists such as Young MA, Azalea Banks, Breezy, Lil Nas X, ILoveMakonnen and numerous others.  This episode is vulnerable, raw and honest featuring queer identified rapper Mystory.   You can follow Mystory on all of her social media sites including her instagram @ and Spotify.

As a disclaimer, there are discussions of terms that we do not always know the accurate definition.  We acknowledge and understand that there are variations in the terms and how one identifies, and this guide is not all inclusive, but we would like you to have a starting point of some of the definition of terms, which you can find here.

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